it is national conor oberst’s birthday day and i am going to celebrate by dancing naked. alllll niiiiight looooong

the words “valentine’s day”
really don’t mean anything to me.
and subscribe to me,
because this is my new xanga.
yeah, sincerely tiffany.
if you want to learn about the past

17 responses to “

  1. Hey .. am i the freaking first one to comment on your new xanga?
    thats pretty pimptastic

  2. whoooooooaaaaa.i love you. i always will. the end.

  3. <333/

  4. Ooo. These colors are rich. I like.

  5. i like.nice butterfly.
    [feet]: Malfoy :

  6. carrie loves tiff .. specially with her HAWT new look!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wtf does buttery popcorn do? loland yea, thats pretty much what you look like.

  8. haha popsicle on heroin.nice one

  9. pfft of course you are!  😀

  10. oh, no. it’s definitely not a revolution (anymore).so you’ll have to conform, to the non-revolutionthat it has become. but, i mean, you’re in.

  11. that was such an awsome message waiting on me car. happy valentines day babe.

  12. dang what a hotass
    *cough* i was talking about you…of course…not dear old conor

  13. thankyou for being unique

  14. yay. thats right. i remember you telling me about this o so lovely holiday. <333.

  15. if i was a butterfly….i would fly to your windowsill and watch you undress

  16. hey hottie!!!! <33333

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