you’re the catalyst to my bad evening

i want {so badly}to breathe you 
  inhale exhale  inhale  exhale
              __i’m nauseous

so, have you ever had one of those times where you act on impulse? and immediately, you regret it. your heart starts pounding harder, and in anticipation, you wait for everything to crash down on you. i hope it doesn’t hurt. just wait for the worst, it’ll come.

dear stranger,
talking to you,
it’s like suicide.
from: the past.

fight it, fight it, fight me.
systematically, you’re dying.

26 responses to “

  1. definately dancing naked.I like this.It’s like fevers and mirrors meets the shins.<3

  2. =) hopefully.nice choice in shins btw =)

  3. tiffany is my favoritess person in the whole widest world….*muah*…kbye~nico~

  4. no ma’am it is not, it just just my cutesy little butterfly friend that doesnt deserve to be redesigned for art. <33.

  5. my hair eats people

  6. : Hagrid :
    Commenting is made fun here. Harry Potter smiley’s make everything fun.
    You’re lovely, and you should read it. and if you have any questions about things i’ve written, i’d be more than glad to talk about it.

  7. man o man i lov u tiffany aks… miss historean

  8. hehe funny kid 😀

  9. oh my
    thankyou for reading

  10. def-def-definately like this entry.
    grood job.
    totally hossome.

  11. psh, you pessimists.if all you do is wait for the end, you never enjoy what goes on in between.the end comes for everything, what good does it to do to worry about it?

  12. you wait for everything to crash down on you. i hope it doesn’t hurt. just wait for the worst, it’ll just sounded like something someone i know would say.

  13. oh psh, then im a dumbass.sorry bout that.

  14. no, i only date hott people…

    wtf does pwned mean?i always wondered.
    thats what drugs will do to you.

  15. haha i figured.but just in case,you are obviously the fastest commentor
    in the entire world!!!!!
    seriously, time yourself one day

  16. Act on impulse .. maybe .. act without thinking most definitely.  I always seem to regret it. 🙂 love you

  17. no, im just negatively for the person, its a mysterrryy.not really, im just not going to openly say their name out here.can you control your curiousity?

  18. Nice new xanga tiffany

  19. i like your new xanga
    very you.

  20. I miss this world,And moreso, I miss reading yourLoveliness.Enjoy.

  21. rawr.
    i love u.
    ❤ Jobie

  22. Nice layout.

  23. why the hell do you make a new xanga every week?its effing annoying.dang your gayis it for the consolation comments?
    ‘ooh tiffany nice new xanga’

  24. Of course, all we can doIs wait for our date with death.I’m already dying from theAnticipation though.I can feel his wind as he turns the corner…Enjoy.

  25. i love you. and our bus rides home. haha.

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