my arms, my legs, my heart, my face.

i like digging further
       into the mind
         of a person

  [you think you know so well]
        further than anybody else.

i haven’t received your letter yet
he’s so clueless. he’s so clueless.
he’s so clueless. he’s so clueless.

and she said we’re drifting.
i said i’m not, i haven’t moved
i’ve stayed the same.
why am i just incapable of doing anything to stop the inevitable?  maybe, it’s meant to be, till everything has drifted far off and away, and i am an island on my own.

{PS} i’m going to play cat’s cradle with your fallopian tubes.

17 responses to “

  1. haha. thats damn straight you are. not.

  2. hey, tiffany is hott stuff! 😮

  3. ok so i have no clue if this is about us …but i dont give a flying rats ass we are not ment to drift non of us are! hahaha i lov fallopian tubes

  4. psh coming from your mouththose words mean nothingyou are the original comment skank.
    which means you would do anythingand i mean anything….
    yes my plan worked.

  5. haha. and the whole thing about this week being strange. o yes. but i wouldnt have traded it for the world. at all.

  6. I joined. but i’m not expecting sex.
    if that happened, i’d never win the finger game again.
    I really liked this entry. made me want to write another. but i didnt….
    farethewell, lovely.

  7. woah you change names too fast for me!

  8. you and your new xanga…and the comfort level was very high

  9. that seems painful

  10. i love you. ok i joined yours…now you finally have to join mine.its only fair.i love you.i bet making out is fun.jeff is awesome.tylenol pm is magic.<3<3<3

  11. heh. your number will always be in my phone! youre tiffy. i love you.
    psh. im pretty sure thats worth about 3 days on the beach. sex included, of course.

  12. no, hes just on an island with other stars you think are gary coleman and mr. t.

  13. I’m not sure what’s that about exactly, but it sounds cool.
    Define “pretty exclusive”.

  14. oh you are tooo are pretttttty as well.

  15. wow i liked this past week tooo!!

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