and you’re crying {out loud}
   “i’m empty, i’m empty,
i have a heart,
       but it’s made of tin
that’s a lie, is it what you want?

{the crash} of your arrival
{impacted me} so much
             i’m still shaking.

maybe if i changed the name to ‘i had sex with jared’ more people would join, damn.

15 responses to “

  1. not until may. my mom’s best friend was like ‘hey do you want to use my house and pool for your party?” and since she has a sweet house and sweet pool i was like ‘yeah’. so we’re waiting until may when its warm.

  2. yea i over analyze everyones entries.just like you probably do to mine.

  3. *draws obligatory pina upon your chemistry notes*
    I don’t overanalyze your entries. It’s Tiffy. lol
    Mucho love.

  4. what is the purpose of the second box on the left?

  5. [the box is] kind of cutei wish i had it.
    ps- i never asked to be a commentwhoreIt just kind of happened.
    i do have to admit it can be nice at times.

  6. afro vagina?reminds me of scary movie.”it’s been awhile…”*chainsaw noise.

  7. xanga whore?is that a low or high place in teenage society?hmmmmmm.

  8. Afro vagina? Should i cover my mormon ears and hide? Luv ya<3

  9. i joined .. wheres my sex hOE!??!

  10. no no. im not that good. its called senses fail.

  11. Whoops. I might have read it off your site or something… sorry if it’s yours.

  12. ohhh, man you make the best xanga’s yesss && thrifting = great, yesss<33

  13. you need to specify about what your asking.

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