i’m sorry, i’m sorry, oh my god. 
     i think i’m torn between two…
i wish i were… right now.

{and she will cry}
                    {liar, liar.}

dear dad,
if you stay in china//taiwan longer, i think i may even just love you more. does that make any sense?
sincerely dearly, tiffany.

15 responses to “

  1. i left you a comment on the last entry.read it.

  2. ohh…IM me, and ill tell you.

  3. o my! i say that everytime my dad goes to europe!

  4. haha thanx. u remember VAGOINA!?! good nite lol

  5. I like the new picture. I want a tattoo on my foot…
    ❤ Krista

  6. i haven’t talked to my dad in five days

  7. hey baby. i fogot i forgot to subscribe to you.that may seem like one too many forgot’s, but oh trust me it’s not. i love the picture at the top. really. love. actually more of an obsession. me and that picture.. we are about to have a very intense physical affair.
    please watch.

  8. dont they make all those cool cheap toys in taiwan?

  9. it makes sense.

  10. WAIT!!! they dont love you like i love you :)~nico~

  11. i sawu tonight!!
    ur so cute!
    i love ya

  12. dont be such a whore.

  13. i really really like your layout. it’s super cool.

  14. weekend was fun <333.

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