damnit, i really need to gather my thoughts. make a decision. find out what it is i really want. i think it’s about time i….     okay, goodbye.

febuary twenty-seventh
two thousand and five.
call the time, “call the time”
“no sir, maybe she can make it.”
“no trustme, 12:37PM”
romance is dead.

24 responses to “

  1. i like the picture at the top. it reminds me of a show called mxc. you should watch it. it comes on spike tv.
    talk to you tomorrow.: Malfoy :

  2. tiffany,
     aww thank u so much that is so sweet  and yes that is your name hahah and yeah we got mooned it would of been better if it was ur butt tho hahaha loll anyways we should do it again and again and again

  3. yay. for last night. thanks love. that means a lot.

  4. my weekend suckedbut im glad you had fun.

  5. woah that wasnt a shot at you.i dont understand why you assume everything i write is about you.and that comment up there ^^^ is not sarcastici was being sincere.but whatever

  6. ps; im not allowed to leavemy parents think 15 is too young of an ageto leave my house on weekends.

  7. The one who was pulled away =(

  8. class-rank?that’s still top ten pa’cent.and still kickin’ arse.and me brudda and seesta made it to college jest fine wifout ze top ten pa’cent.so fret not,  m’dear.

  9. i’ll get you one

  10. right well it just seemed like you took it as a personal insult.im sorry. and i dont get to leave for another two years, i dont know if i can make it. im not trying to sound all dramatic or anything but things are alot harder when you cant just escape all the shit in your life and see people that mean alot to you.

  11. thank ye, love.
    Yes, well a lot of people have forgotten him too soon.

  12. pshh im sure you have plenty very cute pictures!
    mmm .. polka dots remind me of you!

  13. What reminds me of you? Hrm…glitter gel pens. Like the first note you wrote me.

  14. i already did. diputs.
    [big smile]: Malfoy :

  15. eep!
    I love your Ryan Pfluger photograph at the top of the page.He’s such a talented artist!

  16. my sisters are sending out invites soon i got ur adress from the colorguard directory i dunno when u will get one it should be soon if not i will shoot sum1 just for u i love u so much

  17. your hott.. and i love you!

  18. i never know what to say when i comment because you’re entries are too smart for me

  19. ok fine i give in.. ill end the strike!

  20. i went to allen for some of my freshman year.who is this
    i love you.

  21. Ohh im buying it.  I just have to go to grapevine to get it haha

  22. and most of us agree. goodbye love.

  23. oh! i see. well. don’t you worry about that. i have just the thing.
    : Quirrell :

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