let’s run away together
only for one night.

dance a little closer tonight
      don’t you know
              there’s no
        modern romance
          time is gone.

and everybody’s still abusing
’cause nobody is learning a damn thing.

baby, i want to fall in love tonight.

24 responses to “

  1. You don’t suck at life, life just sucks.

  2. yeah ur perty much awesome… we should make love later.. or not :]

  3. i love you tiff!!!! this past weekend was so much fun! im glad we all roomed together!


  5. tiffany, ur soo awesomely cool and SEXual…lol, well..ttyl l8rdayz~nico~

  6. hey girlfriend its wayyyy past due for us to hang out.
    how about this week?…yes. yay!!!
    love, dry hump.

  7. *hug* life is so incredibly hard..

  8. omg. unwanted? by who?!?!? everyone wants you like everyone wants mcdonalds. it’s almost like a necessity.

  9. yeah i bet ur like a happy a meal, i like those :)~mikey

  10. San Antonio was kick bootay!  haha.  Mm love you much dear.

  11. yeahhh baby thats right.. hahaha iloovee uu!!!! and i love ur song ! lets dance tonight! heheheh
    ❤ kkattiiiiiiieeeeeeeee
    ps… i will fall in love with u tonight!!

  12. ummm ok i will dance but only if i can grab ur ass …..hahaha i lov ya<3 the BEST stripper ever….

  13. youll be as cool as whitney or me someday, but never as cool as we are together. i mean, c’mon, were a dynamic duo, unstoppable in every way imaginable.<3

  14. im pretty for sure im in love with u.

  15. Thanks for telling me.
    Oh. You have like the coolest site ever. I visit it all the time. Yeah.

  16. your just way too hott!

  17. ohemgee you are beautiful and i love your xanga ++ the song.

    what is it?!


    : Mcgonagall : he’s cool.

  18. i i love….i love you…….you gorgeous thing you…..hehe lol
    your such a sweetheart!!! hope your breaks going well!!!
    with love–LaNae

  19. i saw u at starbucks!
    yay. ^_^
    i love the yeah yeah yeahs.

  20. hey, what song is this?

    i really like your site by the way. ❤

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