dear friends,

*the songs we sing
have no meaning
just the same lines
repeating again
and again
the record spinning
in a circular motion
{around and around}
   there is no end.

*wait, i’m constantly wrong
in every possible aspect
my actions/my life
all {failures}
just don’t say goodbye too soon.
“good bye”
“bye, i’ll miss you.”

sincerely, tiffany

ps. i bought macy a present. i hope it’s perfect.
if you want to talk, you know where to find me

26 responses to “

  1. The Shins, nice.Digital Ash, creative.Your Xanga, Priceless.                       Love,                       Larry

  2. yeah drama is pretty bitchin’ (in a negative way).
    hi 🙂

  3. no. i get to pick.
    : Malfoy :

  4. i totally love your xanga tiff .. i dunno why but i freakin adore that pic! =O
    and i know that the “if you’d at least pretend to be nice” line is from the josie and the pussycats movie! lol
    it goes :::  “if you’d at least pretend to be nice .. if you’d at least pretend to be nice .. then everything – then everything would be alright alright!”
    just thought you should know =)

  5. The star on her footreminds me of the heartsthat were on yours.or were they stars?i’m prone to forget.

  6. Love to drive around with the windows down and the music blasting.  Haha so much fun.  Especially now that its nice and warm outside.  Love the nice weather too 😀  Oh .. and i love you too! haha

  7. yeah i think i did subscribe to your old one but i subscribed to this one as well so it evens out.
    in the club or in the streets where ever we may meet its choppers choppin’ pistols poppin’ pimpin you dont know: Dumbledore :

  8. I love Tiffanizzle.
    I hope my cat wasn’t killed.

  9. your xanga is uber cute darling. erhm i had a blast tonight your a really cool gal and don’t worry everything will work out in the end.

  10. I love your xanga! and yay for the shins.

  11. only a few months late with the underoath lyricsbaha

  12. this girl had a picture on her xanga of you and susie and some random guysand i could see your boobsbecause your shirt was low cutand i enjoyed it.
    love, agata

  13. we have ran into eachother twice, yesss. wow your layout is greeatt, man && this song is great, <33

  14. katie= awesome? i think awesome? i think yes.

  15. Thanks.
    So uhm. do we know each other? I’m pretty sure I might have met you but I forget.

  16. i put ur name on the list to invite but maybe ur address wasn’t right or sumthing comment back and give me ur address and i will send u another one b/c u definatly should have gotten it by now!!!!! love u so much!!! oh and spell ur last name for me hehe!

  17. haha yea we areand um i was so sad that i didnt see you yesterdaythat i went home and slit my wrists.true story
    love, agata

  18. inevetable
    but the word is there

  19. Now if i told you .. id have to beat you up! Hehe just kidding kid!  Ask me in guard mk? deal! lol. 
    Yeah well .. next time is the last time i perform and its next friday .. gahhhh haha.  Im not sure when in the day but eh.  Who wants to spend their friday night at a guard competition!  Not me! hahaha. 

  20. yeah i used to have another xanga account and i already forgot what it was called…hey how did u find mine since i haven’t joined any blogrings?

  21. hello Tiffany,
    I hope you have had a wonderful spring Break.
    I love you and you are way nice.

  22. i so saw u tonight.. yay.
    still no updates on ur getting voted off the island?? if so let me know!! i love u cutie

  23. I remember now!!
    Oh man!

  24. You don’t need words to be perfect.Just shut your mouth, and smile with your eyes.It’s who you are.

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