doctor, i don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore. i hate being such a teenage fuck-up, just a statistic.

   &i’m thinking:
   there’s no way you’re real
       {so i touch you just to see}

i hate to watch a train wreck/all empathy within your body has died/this isn’t how the play was written, juliet/since you’re turning into you[minus me]
you can’t even read these words,
you’re so blinded

i want to see the sonogram, please
amber’s baby shower, i’m excited :)))

24 responses to “

  1. And your eyes must do some raining                                                               
    if you are ever gonna grow.
    I like your site. C’est belle.

  2. bright eyes and saul williams are all you’ll ever need ❤

  3. ohhhhh nifty. *feels special*-Kimmy

  4. every living thing dies alone.

  5. oh darling darling darling, you have bright eyes inspired comment links.  and that made me smile.  i’m so sick of peoplee saying that girls just fall in love with conor’s looks and never get anything out of their music.  but i don’t think you’re that way.  not at all.  and your xanga is oh so spectacular.
    love love love.

  6. i agree i agree.  i’d eat him up.
    but i’d feel empty without his words flowing into my ears with every song for every emotion i’ve ever felt or have yet to feel.

  7. i’m going to subby to you
    feel free to talk to me on aim whenever you feel like a chat:  thisisexcess

  8. oh honeythe ugliest grossest girls have boyfriendsbut you, you are just too damn hott for a boy
    love, agata

  9. oh i already have dearbut you can join me if you wish
    love, agata

  10. Yeah, I do watch Degrassi. You’re the first person who ever told me I look like her. I think she’s pretty, so I’ll take that as a compliment.

  11. i know .. spring break 0H-5iVe sucked =(

  12. I don’t know why you don’t know me, but I don’t think I know you either.I got to Allen High School, and I sleep when the sun falls.

  13. I bitch/pms/rant/rave in one, and write about my day in the other. xxburn = bitchy/pms/rant/rave ^_^ oh.. and because I’m just that awesome. Yuuup.-Kimmy

  14. my spring break sucked too, im sorry yours did, i’ll see you tomarrow in spanish class, i love you, bye~nico~

  15. i shall see your shining face tommorow. when i show you. some pictures i have. of you.

  16. i’m sorry you’re break sucked. that’s not how its supposed to be. we’ll just have to make the rest of the school year better! i love you!

  17. yeah spring break 05 did kinda blew
    but your freaking sweet cause you have the shins playing in your xanga.
    i have this cd actually. it’s nice.

  18. your a 110% correct. chutes to narrow is the one i own
    you should get it honestly its really freaking sweet. the cover of the cd is pretty neato as well.

  19. i might have some music you might someday like to maybe listen to?

  20. i love your zanga skills.
    umm…i think we should hangizzle out some time.

  21. This song is fun. 
    When is Amber due?  Its coming up pretty soon here right?  You will have to fill me in whenever she has her baby lol im out of the loop.

  22. i was lookin through the pictures on my phone today and there was a picture of susie straddling you… made me smile

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