take the quiz sucka
OheMGee, elissa is my soul mate
she got a HUNDRED, she wins my sex.

b     u    r    n    i    n    g

take my quiz

i sign with ohs and exes.

32 responses to “

  1. damn straight!!!who is it?i will kick their anusholeif this entry hasnt scurred them enough.shyeah….

  2. I think the famous Rachel spells her name with a ‘z’ on the end. It’s neat I guess, I don’t really know.
    And mean people suck.

  3. if it’s 4th period mrs.hitt..then yup

  4. oh, i’m going to that. if you’re indeed talking about what i think you’re talking about. are you going? i hope so, that’d be coo’.man, i hate sluts who think they own xanga cause they get alot of comments. egotistic much? damn skanks.i’d shut down their sites if i could.hope you have a good HUMP day, tomorrow.this comment’s kinda long, sorry.: Ron : <- he’s Hawt.

  5.  i will fist them in the belly buttion …..no one messes with my tiffany…or i will do some ass kicking<3

  6. Immature huh, yes, well, we were apes once.Anways, I like ur entry, and how’s it holding up?

  7. ill beat them up for you tiffany.
    and yes, we’re right, lets hang out.
    are you going to the show on friday?

  8. haha well thanks?
    i’m not anywhere near a model though

  9. thank you=)♥

  10. ha i love u!!!!! and this song… and friday is gonna rock hard if i can go!! i hoopppe soo!!

  11. llalalala, singin is fun :)~mikester

  12. whats up i totaly aced yourquiz bc im just awesome. i really didnt take the quiz for fear of failing.  Lucius  and Quirrellshould have a duel with monsters, and then a quick round of karate it think that the kid below would win
    : Lucius :

    i love youcant wait till fridayseriously!
    love, agata

  14. i always mess up on those quizes and it makes me look like a bad friend =(

  15. chris is only the coolest guy ever and he’s definetely.. cool.


  17. ps i’m unknown

  18. dammit!how did she get a 100i want a 100.
    love, agata

  19. psh i missed the one about the cd’s i said you didnt have bright eyeslittle did i know.
    and yes im excitedand hopefully i would be number 5 on your list.but probably not haha love you dear
    love, agata

  20. no, chris in allen. lol. he’s a senior. real cute.. you know. my boyfriend? i dunno.  maybe you’ll see him some day soon.  but yeah, ill be sure to show you my nosie on friday in spanish

  21. I suck haha i failed.  Man oh man.  I just guess that means i need some alone time with Tiffany 😮

  22. I got a 90! I’m so proud of myself! Actually I think it just means that the guard spends wayyyyyyyyyy too much time with eachother! Haha love you!

  23. ^ thats what i thought

  24. dude i want to make onebut laterwhen im not so lazy hah
    love, agata

  25. im jesus.i got bored.sorry.

  26. i got a 70 though?wow, thats pretty good for guessing.

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