people have tendencies to piss me off
{now we are alone}.

today: SSHOOOOOOOWWWWW, i get to see
my favorite people in the world, yay.
tomorrow: the ring two, ditto about
the seeing my favorite people evver.

don’t wake me
i plan on sleeping in.

i sign with ohs and exes,  tiffany dee

22 responses to “

  1. i’m pretty positive i’m an insomniacthat, or i’m stark raving mad…that made me think of fight club
    I like recieving packages too.

  2. ya a new xanga..
    it is 1:17 here, and I am just on xanga and not sleeping.

  3. I am excited for the weekend too, the ring two comes out and I can’t wait to see that one and one of my closest friends is getting married..

  4. haha u have a cute face 🙂

  5. sweet number 5!but i dont think i would be on there if i didnt put you as number fivehah love you baby
    love, agata

  6. Seeing you happy lifts my heartMiles into the sky.And that makes me realizeThat my faith is not blind.My faith stands within youAnd the rest of my loved ones.Thank you.Enjoy.

  7. P.S.Sorry, I’ve been a nuclear holocaust of emotions lately.Enjoy.

  8. I tried taking your quiz and the link didn’t work. I’m thinking I’d score a 10? I enjoyed that eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one thing. You always make the simplest information look cool.

  9. My foot is asleep. *sigh*

  10. hah you took it all off except the bandssilly tiffany.
    love, agata

  11. goodness me……what is there to say other then….
    sweetie, your awesome!! and i love ya! =)

  12. more like.. when I gave robbie a lil pecky kiss.. we got static shocked …*shifty eyes*

  13. since when did you listen to the jealous sound

  14. hi, my name is tiffany and im super original. i adore “unknown” emo bands and i love the 80s and anything thats different. please think im super cool because even though i like to pretend im nothing special–i really have a super big ego and am begging for compliments on my originality. im just so goddamn hardcore.^thats pretty much what im getting from you. not to be rude, but its just annoying.

  15. yeah all those bands=amazingeisley is my #1 and my favorite!

  16. am i on your list of favorite people ever?

  17. tiff you are far from ugly.

  18. omg omg omg omg im in love with utonight was sooooooo much funaw iwanna see the ring twobut i think u should come to battle of the bands.i hope i can go i love uu know.. all those compliments on uthey just wanna so what ur shirt sayshhehehe yayaya sorry i stepped on u a couple times when i was head bangin hahahatoo bad “she” didn’t answer when we tried to call and saybyyyeee”

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