dang, that was a really good show.
the music and people. i loved it.

i seriously support scarlet affair
and madison, now.

okay, next up, underoath, score.
i think i’m slipping away from myself

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  1. damn right it was a good show… i lov u

  2. i agreeit was pretty sweettoo bad i missed scarlet affair and madison though
    love, agata

  3. yay for underoath.

  4. i quite agree. i would never look at you as a trendwhore, cause you were trendy before being trendy was..well..what it is today. if that makes sense.sweet. underoath should be pretty awesome.: Lucius :

  5. oh, and i’m sorry it was so bitchy.i changed it cause i just realized how mean it really was.

  6. Hello.  You commented my brothers site (Matthew), so I came here and saw that you have and EISLEY quote at the top of your site!–AWESOME!
    I’m totally obsessed with them!  I met them last month at the Gypsy Tea room.
    They are fabulous people.
    Keep being cool.
    PEace, Rach

  7. : Dumbledore :: Hagrid :: Harry2 :: Harry :: Lockheart :: Hermione ! :: Ron :: Mcgonagall :: Dumbledore :: Harry2 :: Mcgonagall :: Sirius :: Sirius :: Sirius :: Ron :: Malfoy :: Lucius :: Hagrid :: Malfoy :: Harry2 :: Harry :: Hermione ! :: Hermione ! :: Ron :: Lockheart :: Lockheart :: Dumbledore :: Lucius :: Hagrid :: Mcgonagall :: Mcgonagall :: Harry :: Harry2 :: Lockheart :: Dumbledore :: Mcgonagall :: Harry :: Harry :: Hagrid :: Quirrell :: Lockheart :: Hermione ! :: Harry :: Quirrell :: Mcgonagall :: Harry2 :: Hagrid :: Malfoy :: Dumbledore :: Dumbledore :: Lockheart :: Sirius :: Ron :: Hermione ! :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Hermione ! :: Hermione ! :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :: Ron :

  8. eh so is the rest of the worldbut i dont really care that muchas long as the really ‘scene’ peopledont call me a posercause apparently, they knew about blood brothers12 years ago.
    love, agata
    ps- we banged last night, member?

  9. It seems, everyone likes the same music at our school.  That’s a good think, I hope.  Hi by the way.

  10. how is it going my freind?

  11. haha i didn’t notice you put groovy at the end of your comment…you sound like a hippie when you say that i love hippies and i wish i was one 8D

  12. i agree, awesome show. awesome you. : Hermione ! :

  13. i think i’m slipping away from myself 
    I know the feeling.

  14. Haha okay, okay .. save up the ones and ill put on a private performance :-o.  Hey though, at least you wanted to go.  Haha that makes me happpppyyy.
    Cant say ive ever listened to Madison or Scarlet Affair.  Underoath, though .. check. 

  15. i am going to marry karen o.
    by the way, i saw you at the show.

  16. oh yess it was good, : Sirius :: Ron :: Quirrell :: Harry2 :: Mcgonagall :: Hagrid :: Dumbledore :: Lucius :: Sirius :: Harry :

  17. heck ya.. that was so much fun!
    i love u … cant  wait till next show!

  18. heck ya.. that was so much fun!
    i love u … cant  wait till next show!

  19. i love you i love you i looooooooooove youuuuuuuuu<3

  20. hey it was a great show besides all the crap i went through… hey we need to talk about some stuff so talk to me later….

  21. heyy on that jocker site someone tryed to jock your layout but they said they couldnt becuase a code popped up .. someone request my layout to be jocked & i really dont want it to be stolen. do you think i could have the code?! i spent wayy to much time on my layout for it to just be taken away. pleasee !!! that would be sooo nice !

  22. i dont need your layout hoe.i got my own. fuck off now.bye.

  23. ok well thanks anyway =)

  24. what about Red Letter Union they kicked some serious ass but i got a scarlet affair shirt and i wearing it to school tomorrow so uh.. maybe ill see you there

  25. cute site+props+comment back hun!

  26. wtf are you talking about?

  27. well… if by “cool” you mean friends… no, macy and i are not cool.

  28. i’m sorry, but there’s nothing you can do. i know her well and i strongly dislike her. there’s nothing you can do about that.
    but thanks for saying that i’m cool haha.

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