underoath on sssunday,
               i can’t wait

and i love getting mail,
i got three books in today!

{i’m choking up}.
“i’m sinking
like a stone
in the sea.”

i feel so alone.

here is an ode to elissa: as;lkdfjpqeoiwnjsa0923

35 responses to “

  1. i got supa-vintage clothing.for freeeeeeeeeee.yay.[let the cleaning, ironing, and hemming begin!]

  2. hey baby your my favorite

  3. so we’re chicken shits.

  4. so your music definitely fucking owns.  ❤

  5. i dont like the look of this weekor last weekfor me personallyyou however are looking like you are happyand that just may make my week better

  6. I like the looks of your euphoria.Enjoy.

  7. oh you’re the hotface.duuuuh.and i love you.<333333

  8. I love you sugar plum. You should’ve gone home.
    exes and ohs.

  9. i like the looks of this week too.you know.

  10. so ur HER?!?
    i want a pic.

  11. tiffs my hot delicious bass.

  12. ohhh weeks

  13. well, not real adoption. the just adopted me as their godchild.
    and i was way happy about it.

  14. : Hermione ! : Cool site!

  15. hey i’m tom and i’m in a band called “the bay state” you should check us out at http://www.purevolume.com/thebaystate   and our website @ http://www.thebaystatelovesyou.com   we have music, merch, etc.   and if you like us join our blogring called  “the bay state loves you”.   thanks !!!!!

  16. hi. i like your site. random props. and i love ^ brandnew ^-alissa

  17. RaNdOm PrOpz

  18. Take my word ma’dam.               You are not alone. Ever.Enjoy.

  19. yesum u were lol

  20. hahaha, yeah..i bet you saw me so that whole slip and fall thing also. oh man i didn’t know anybody i knew was in that class. oh wellllllll.<3333333333333333333333

  21. lmmao no problem

  22. well “taylor” is a lameo. and i’m not.
    lol jk

  23. are you going to the underoath show?
    i love you tiffany, did you read that?
    ill restate it just incase
    I love you tiffany.

  24. I love your site. Random props.

  25. holy christ, i love you.i’m subscribing.ex.oh.ex.oh.ex.ex.ex.

  26. hey, thanks for the comment.  we need to chat more often, we kinda do our own thing nowadays.  neways, i appreciate it. -DAVID

  27. yeah you were on featured…or on newly updated, one or the other, i wasn’t paying attention really…i’m guessing you have that xanga visitor tracker thing…

  28. yeah we do too. and it’s better than the love you and her make. get over it. punk.

  29.  hey i knwo right yay!!!! im so happy

  30. you better be lovin that cd.

  31. hah you wont die if you make someone else watch it

  32. mail kicks butt
    it makes me feel special
    ha well i love u
    i saw u today! yep
    ❤ katie

  33. how did you know that was my xanga??

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