byron is my gangster of love

#^&%___hey, tonight was fun, even if i am the worst girlfriend in the world. sorry again for that.  but it worked out for the best, and hey, i have a cone. awesome. tomorrow will be awesome. <333

i took a shower with suuusie.

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  1. ohhh la la! i’m happy for you, baby!

  2. Ow ow! Alright Tiffany!

  3. oh she’s just dandy as candy. i’m suppose to be hanging out with her today.

  4. yeah im brittany wells’s sister,, do you know her? like are you in color guard w/ her?


  5. good to see you
    glad you found a boy

  6. who is this byron fellow? I thought I had to screen your boys, and give you permission, first! >:0

  7. u had me at shower… even though that was the ending it had to be ur best entry yet, i mean i could understand it. ur awesome tiff.~mikester

  8. hey babyi miss youlets take a shower
    love, agata

  9. OH YAY!
    Im so glad you two are joined as one now.
    yay yay yay

  10. Hello my freind!

  11. O HOT DAMN u took a shower with susie>> hahahaha i love macy and katie toooooo but i looove uuuu

  12. O HOT DAMN u took a shower with susie>> hahahaha i love macy and katie toooooo but i looove uuuu

  13. “i like your jacket”
    you like my friend Brittany’s jacket. haha. yeah it’s an awesome, comfortable jacket.

  14. who are you a girlfriend to, baby??

  15. pshhh  you are a really good girlfriend!!! and im sry about last night… its all my fault!!! but you arent the worse girlfriend!!! you are the best!!!!

  16. im sry i didnt go to underoath… i wish i could be w/ you!!! maybe we can do something else… sometime this week. and ur the best girlfriend!!!

  17. it is radiohead, baby.
    i am happy for you. and for byron. he had better hold up his end of the cadoodle, or iw ill come after him. i have good faith in him though.
    love you cutie.
    oh yeah i just spent so many hours on my art project. its giogn to grow wings and fly across the finish line.

  18. woah, heck yes we did
    you like the shins, woah

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