so many things happened
it was amazing, they rocked
and the last song was magic

susie’s car got broken into, in deep ellum of course. so, i am starting a fund; please donate to the fund for the broken window and stolen items: stereo system, katies purse with belongings. and the bastard left the fucking screwdriver, dicktard. well, it was an eventful night. was it worth it? just for that last song, even, i’d say ‘heck yes.’

13 responses to “

  1. you make all the sense in the world . you opened my eyes. you showed me the obvious. i thank you

  2. Oh no!  Poor Susie!  That stinks so so so bad.  I say we get some freaking fingerprints off of that screwdriver and track that sucker down.  Then .. we will run him over.  YES!  Lets do.
    I was jamming to underoath on friday night with Brittany Wells.  I only sort of knew some of the words and she didnt know them at all .. so we just kind of screamed when they did.  Man oh man, it was a fun time. 

  3. that sucks!!! i wish i could of went!!!

  4. aw geez thats awful. if i had some moo-lah id donate–but alas, i must moocheth off my parents for money like a responsible teenager does. glad the show was fun…but i thought you told me you didn’t like underoath??

  5. oh man im so sorry!!! im glad you guys are ok!!! poor susie .. i know she was devastated

  6. I love Deep Ellum.

  7. i’m glad you had fun! and i’m happy for you and byron. y’all are awesome!lovelovelove.: Harry :

  8. man im jealousbut that sucks for susie.
    love, agata

  9. dorain grey is going to play the 5/20 show.my car got broken into in deep ellum in november with a brick and he left the brick and the screwdriver in the car. many cds were stolen.

  10. oh no, I didn’t know your window was bashed in.
    I just thought it was funny how the cops were picking fights with a bunch of kids.  I assumed that was what they were doing with you.
    sorry if you thought I was laughing at you.

  11. I must have not seen you. 
    next time I’ll give you a big wave and smile!

  12. i love yall
    i wanna help

  13. BUT a cute shrimp.  And thats all that matters!

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