*number one:
good luck elissa, with it all.
*number two: human beings frusterate me
        that definately includes myself.
        oh, what a fucking wasteland.
*number three: i doubt i am near ready
        to be your savior, your all.
*number four: good job, dorian grey.
*number five: i redid my xanga, enjoy.
*number six:

    {eye}                             {heart}                                   {ewe}

29 responses to “

  1. thank you.

  2. i love you ^_^thank you.<3

  3. I ❤ ewe too.
    Hehe reminds me of my pimping cool shirt. 

  4. oh wow.. that has to be the coolest lamb that i have ever seen.. (or sry EWE!)haha
    your hott        and i love it!

  5. hi.

  6. Do you think animals hate themselvesAs much as humans hate themselves?Emotions are inevitable,But self hatred can be easily dodged, butWe seem to fail at that quite frequently.Enjoy

  7. i just did that because I thought that the man behind the words was a big meany. and you and Kristin deserve better than that. Therefore, I love you.

  8. i  like your new picture.

  9. yes baby i like this. and i adore that photographer too. seriously.

  10. the picture of the city … it’s soooo amazingly awesome hah and the song District Sleeps Alone Tonight is soooo good. =D

  11. oh oh, btw if you could enlarge that picture i bet it’d make a killer wallpaper for your compy 🙂

  12. i hadn’t seen that picture of the baby before. he reminded me of chucky.
    : Malfoy :

  13. im not sure if i saw you?who is this?<3scott

  14. crazy//beautiful

  15. yo yo yo whats up my asian nigga
    ❤ Troy

  16. Hello mam thank you for your beautiful and heart warming comment
    from your loving hippie freind John Matthew

  17. Hey, i used one of your backgrounds from your old xanga because i really liked it, if you want me to though, i can take it off… because agata seemed to be pissed about it.I can take it off if you want me too.<33christina

  18. Amazing.Enjoy.

  19. haha thanks lovey!<333333

  20. oh yes right im pretty sure i know who you are now i think i saw you today?<3scott

  21. You may only be one asian, but you count for 2 in my book.

  22. nice freaking art, seriously it’s sweet.~mike

  23. : Harry : wingaaaardium leviosa!!! : Dumbledore : no magic outside of hogwarts, mr. potter. : Malfoy : HAHAHAHAHA what a loser. : Lucius : calm down, son. : Mcgonagall : Mr. Potter, that’ll be 50 points from gryffindor. : Hermione ! : i have frizzy hair.: Sirius : woof.: Lockheart : who am i? : Ron : i have a mouse who’s really —>: Quirrell : p-p-potter. nice day, isn’t it? : Hagrid : get away from ‘arry! : Harry2 : that’s it! i’m kickin’ ass!

  24. im so sorry to hear that baby. about the boy. love stinks. you can do better. always better. you should date prince charles.

  25. hey, thanks for the comment. you don’t see very many real entries these days, do you?
    if you feel like you should see a therapist, you really should. i’m actually going to a psychiatrist because i want the medication. a friend of mine told me it helped them so much and they have a chemical inbalance just like me. so i can’t wait. it’s a cool thing though, you know, like i’m not expecting to feel amazing, just normal…i really like the sound of normal life these days.
    anyways. this comment is real gay and needs a joke.
    do you know karate…
    cause yo body is kicckkkiiinnn

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