{i hope you come down with
something they can’t diagnose.}

last night was pretty gay,
today is my “half-birthday”
i need you to give me a reason
for the way i’m feeling tonight.

i hate losing hours
i miss jimmy fallon

21 responses to “

  1. to kathleen: yeah we were kidding you slut i was just kidding when i told tiff! lol
    you love me, kelly

  2. Get well, please?I want to see you alive this weekend.Or else.Enjoy.

  3. is his ex girlfriend devon?

  4. Get well soon <33

  5. im really sorry tiffany!!!

  6. tiff, did you have fun last night?. srry if you didnt. i got tres sick and puked everywhere.lol, but it was fun.lol, ttyl, l8rdayz~nico~

  7. awww your shakin?? im sorry hun!! thats cool that you know my sis!
    <33 much love

  8. i love u!! i hop tonight… hopefullyY!! hope u got to feeling better from last nite

  9. i ended up having to go back to my house at 11 so i could check up on my sister sorry <3scott

  10. that was pretty sweet when you backed over the curb and bushes lmao

  11. hah yea the popei blame myself for his death.and do you really know who its about?thats crazy but uhh…i miss jimmy fallon tooman he was the bomblvoe you baby

  12. hey babe, yeah last night was pretty gay but o well i love u

  13. yupp lkast night. was definetly wayy stupid. <333.

  14. i am really tired right now.

  15. Soon enough,God will make everything go backTo the norm.Enjoy.

  16. I know, right?  Everyone always asks if we’re related.. which doesn’t bother me a bit. 
    P.S.  I really, really love your site. 

  17. aw i love u  tiff… happy half birthday.. mine already past hehe
    sorrrryyy i coudn’t stay and talk to u at ihop but it was fun!!!

  18. all yours look like magazine articles. how would i know you

  19. i’m stalking you.seriously.you think i’m kidding…

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