i’m going to prom with mikeas friends

#$%! “go to hell, bitch!!”
i’m sure i already ammm

i like.to{drive}in the rain://
and watch.the{streets}become rivers
{then i’m gliding on water}.
>>but when it hails://
it’s like your{windshield’s}
crashingdown on your face.

19 responses to “

  1. that’s pretty shweeeet.

  2. cody is my prom date

  3. aww! YAY! That’s my brother. I love that kid! He’s a doll.
    I know you’ll have a GRAND time with him.
    I love my Tiffy

  4. prom is for wimps

  5. Yay for prom 🙂
    And dont you just love drama. hah.

  6. well thats a little crazy/cool

  7. aww yay! im excited for you…post up pix when u get a dress,etc 🙂

  8. now i remember

  9. did you take the photo above your xanga? ..and the one before?cuz they’re really pretty!-brenna

  10. thats cool! i hope you have funn at prom!

  11. ah! you have nick zinner in your photo bucket. holy oh my, he is just about the hottest thing in the entire world, yay yeahs yeahs yeahs
    hehe scott..hey..THAT BOY IS MINE ..no not really meh whatcha gonna do, hes a looker, thats fo sho’ 
    the link didn’t work : (
    ❤ brenna

  12. hail is nice, as long as you are inside, and your car is as well. but my car is a truck. so it was all dinged up before, anyway.

  13. yeah i love that song so much.: Dumbledore :<3

  14. Man that hail was so scary.  I thought my window was going to crash in on me too!  Then i get under the bridge at 75 and all these cars are stopped so i freak out thinking, what the heck is a tornado coming?  But no .. they are just sissys and want to protect their precious cars and freak me out.  Hah. 

  15. eat my shorts.((it may take a while tho, my ass is rather large))heh. i wanna see your prom dress.i’m sure it’s gunna be hotttttt.

  16. who is this?

  17. creepy

  18. fine. i guess it’s okay…
    : Malfoy :

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