you’ve got me up against the wall

a special thanks to:
scott, for showing me all sorts of cool places last night
mike&dale, for still being my friends after seeing exactly how strange i am after not sleeping for 20hrs.
thanks, you guys are total leet sauce. err 1337 54UC3

39 responses to “

  1. i have your comment virginity.

  2. i love you.and im seconddamn you rayme
    love, agata

  3. your life always sounds interesting to me =]

  4. you late night-erbazing : Dumbledore :

  5. you should rob a bankor squeeze some fresh juiceorinvent somethingorbake cookies

  6. yeah do it~mike pants

  7. sweet! I met you yesterday!. .. but I think I scared you? heh sorry -brenna

  8. looked really pretty today in your karen o. was REALLY

  9. i’m pretty sure that i’ve already asked you this..but who took those lovely photos??by the looked FINE today.hah.

  10. When you help Sooz, make sure i get called haha.  Yeah, thats right! 
    Good luck on the dress shopping too!  Haha so much fun!  Im sure you will find something glamorous! hehe. 

  11. hah i love you babyand who cares if everyone thought you were a hooker?
    love, agata

  12. i saw you yesterday. you looked cool, like a space bounty hunter hooker. very cool.
    : Malfoy :

  13. uhh yea you looked effing hawt yesterday. i saw you and i was like OW OW HAWT ASS TIFF– I NEED TO SEXXX THAT UP!!! =)
    i hate how allen is so anti being original… bias. you looked awesome .. dont change! ❤

  14. i caught it.maybe because your bag said, “i am karen o”or maybe i’m just a genius.yeah.that must be it.

  15. because you were dressed different then i waved at you after that and you didn’t wave back
    sorry for the looks haha

  16. yeah it perty much was. lay off the crack and dang learn how to piggy back ride better. adios :]~mike

  17. i love u
    tonight was fun for like the 35 min i saw u

  18. I love your layout!!
    where’d you get it?

  19. i had fun thanks for hanging out with me <3scott

  20. well, in that case, you are quite talented.

  21. haha yah you cool too babe
    awesome music man!

  22. Y’know, tiffany dearie,I want you to model for me sometime.That’d be an awesome birthday present.^___________^

    ❤ Rachel

  24. were in two of the same blogrings. Great minds think alike.& i love your xanga–britt xx

  25. hey cute site…props! ttyl
        ~ ❤ Nikki ❤ ~

  26. my darling,you are adorable.: Sirius :: Ron :: Quirrell :: Mcgonagall :: Malfoy :: Lucius :BAM

  27. i can spell real good, okay???

  28. short story that you probably don’t care about..yes, we’re still dating.yet he makes no attempts to call, send letters or any of that its going nowhere.
    but i miss him oh so much<3

  29. yaya i love u
    we shall hang out soon

  30. id be happy to do it anytime

  31. What a hott new picture haha i love the glasses.  I had some big ones .. too bad my dog decided to eat them.  Made me so mad.
    Love you lovely. 🙂

  32. lol still laughin about that other night :]~mike

  33. heeeeyyyyy!!!!! i miss everyone at guard so much! lol well thats kinduv a lie there are some peeps i definatly don’t misssss!!!!!!!!! hope ur doing awesome!

  34. o well.. i love u to the sun!
    ur so hott…
    up against the walll up against the wall!! love underoath!
    well we need to hang out… so much for jewerly at target !! ahahaha i love u

  35. you’re so beautiful.lets get together and dance.yeah??

  36. hello simulation pal…we totally dominated every game…thanks to brandon and his highly competitive ways
    -lauren, that-girl-from-your-phoenix-class

  37. hey hotty with the big shades…………..thanks for the compliment……at least i think its a compliment, could be bad or good porn no idea……..i’m a dumbass for calling you the wrong name earlier i give you my regards my dear…..
    peace matt

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