;;may god* punish all the sinners
we are all sinners. 
(* = a questionable matter)


if you love yourself some michael fucking le.

30 responses to “

  1. i bought the movie you could come over and watch sometime if you want

  2. or borrow……..

  3. dear tiffany, you are cute.
    you and matt should watch that movie together without your shirts on.
    this is coming from personal experience. that movie is better without your clothes. TRUST ME. do itttt.

  4. Hey, you checked out my site and so I found yours and you little photobucket sit. And, as random as this sounds, would you mind if I drew one of the pictures in it? It’s the one you labeled ‘Tiffanylights’. I really like it but if you’d prefer me not to I understand. No harm in just asking right? ^-^

  5. haha why does sean do anything?

  6. hahaha and whitney is so right on that one.

  7. omg i love u : Harry : and harry tooooo
    today was fun.. iwsh u could have come tothe hottttt tubb!
    ❤ katie

  8. hello :Dprettyful xanga,hip lady.g’day ❤

  9. i adore your xanga.

  10. random props i like ur site

  11. so what was that about cyrptic entries? i saw your cuteness today. it was exciting. i havent seen you in ages. i saw sarandy the other day. ohh the good old days. who was that boy today?
    i think you have some explaining to do missy.


  12. BRUNETTES all the way!!!!!!!!!
    ❤ Troy

  13. i am fond of your xanga && i likey your sunglasses. may i molest them? lol.

  14. sounds interesting.id like to hear it sometime.

  15. no tiffany.. u don’t smell, i bet matt does
    matt and u make me laugh so hard…especially when we are debating the subject of women in the armed forces..wow..that was entertaining
    how many tissues should i use when watching dead poets society?

  16. shexsy xanga you have.take care

  17. Oh my god. I think I’m done>>>Thank you.Enjoy.

  18. HeyThe show is going to be sick as anthing.check it out.see you soon, right?michael

  19. we could have a nice time hanging out but hey one question whos house…..when…….what time……more like a few questions
    peace matthew wilder

  20. oh you should come visit me.
    and we’ll eat ice cream.
    off of eachother.
    you know.

  21. alright sounds like a plan

  22. you are so prettythat picture of you is awesomeyou look awesomehm its been a while darlinghow are you?

  23. I love saul williams. Have you everseen the movie Slamnation or Slam?

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