(c) sean and tiffany, 2005. he’s an art genius.

ps. mike is way cool, thanks for taking me.

23 responses to “

  1. Oh my god.Wonderful.Wonderful.Wonderful.Beautiful.Enjoy.

  2. yeah friggin robots r sweet… HECK YES!!~mike pants

  3. You have the sweetest sunglasses ever.

  4. that is RIDICULOUSLY fantastic.you’re both amazing.

  5. omg you guys are so awesome. go people with talent!

  6. wow. that’s really good.you are good at what you do.

  7. so that is pretty sweet love. <333.

  8. aw what are cute painting
    ya her dad wants tobuy susies house!!
    o man lets soo shake it to coheed! yay! aha
    i love u as yourself too!!
    and im not gonna change for other people… o well u don’t know about htat… i shall tell u if u want

  9. iwant my “dancinkatie” to show up as something cute!! how do u do that!

  10. oh, no. what they did was call us up by rows and you took this card with your name on it and they’d read it and call out your name and what the award was for. so if a person wasn’t there, they obviously wouldn’t take up a card and then just wouldn’t be called. very effective. and saved a lot of time.
    neat picture by the way.

  11. yay for the return of xanga stalking

  12. oh thats wonderful
    sean and his pointing robots. my my

  13. That painting is pretty freaking awesome.
    Wish i could be good at  .. art. lol.
    love love love you my dearest.

  14. I love the painting.

  15. Wow. That’s insanely cool-looking. Good job.

  16. thank you.=) i appreciate the comment you left me very much.and i must say that you are way too cool for school. <3, carly

  17. whoops ^_^; sorry about that. im subscribed now hah

  18. omg last nite was fun
    thanks for letting me stay the nite
    i  tried to wake u up.. but u wouldn’t!!

  19. =]And that’s all I have to say.Enjoy.

  20. i love love LOVE your site! did you make this layout? awesome! shins loooove! ❤

  21. Hello miss
    i love your layout
    i love the picture
    i love your hair
    yeah so pretty much i love everything

    want to be friends?!

  22. its beautiful tiffany!
    im in love

    good job listening to the shins.

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