i’ve peeled tand peeled away at everything i’ve been feeling lately. everything that is driving me lately: {emotion}. this is new to me.

*scott is so incredibly hott, and he is my new boyfriend and we disco in my car together. (PS: disco is a codeword for something)

23 responses to “

  1. o my o my, i do beleive we need to hang out lady :]~mike pants

  2. my goodnessyou are so kind as welli hope that if things are not goodthat they get better

  3. i hope everything gets better for you!

  4. Your entries lately have been highly poetic.
    i must admit, i enjoy them a whole lot.
    we need to hang out again sometime still.

  5. . i wish i was as smart as you<3


  7. who is this tory you speak of.
    : Malfoy :

  8. hey baby, wanna disco????

  9. i love ucongratulations to u and scotty boyyall are too cutei know.. u guys dico alootthahaha<3 katie

  10. AHHH OMG I LOV U …i like type os …ur gonna have to deal…WTF i have to read about u and scott with evey one else …bloody hell …..not kool….call, text, smoke signal, carrer pigion …somting jezzzz. woman …but congrats lol yay! ❤

  11. Disco-ing is not allowed.  Yeah, save it for me.
    love you

  12. Only if you give me crackers please!MORE CRACKERS PLEASE!

  13. i read your comment on that one girls xanga and i promise you that that is NOT me.i wouldnt be that subtle.

  14. is what? the headline? The headline thing is from #5.

  15. is disco code for: “have lots of hot sex”
    i think so
    damn im smart

  16. aah holy cwap! a comment..whatever is your fix <3lovealwaysbrenna-

  17. love your suglasses!!

  18. aww i love you. and you’re MORE pretty.

  19. Wanna disco wanna see me disco?
    leee tiiiigrreeeee. growl.
    I love you Tiffanizzzzzle.

  20. disco= sex? drugs? rock and roll?dear tiffany, please clear this up.
    love, agata

  21. disco = holding hands?

    am i missing something?

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