, then he pushed all of the hair out of my eyes and told me i look beautiful that way.

i hope this happy doesn’t go away.
{prays to buddha}

21 responses to “

  1. Haha. Buddha.Good praying.And of course, I hope you stay happy.Enjoy.

  2. oh me tooi hope you are happy forever.
    love, agata

  3. OH MY BUDDHA!!!! i love you….
    man Damien Rice is AMAZING!!!! ur sis is so lucky!

  4. daaaangno fairgood ol damienid give more than money to see himif you get my drift.
    [you dont because i dont know what im talking about]
    love, agata

  5. I work at “A Cute Kids Urgent Care” in Frisco .. and now in Plano too 😮 haha
    Getting hit on is fun sometimes .. unless it is creepy.  Haha. 
    You are fabulous 🙂 *I* hope your “happiness” doesnt go away either 🙂  You deserve it!

  6. HELL YES. i remember when we were like best friends. i miss you. maybe some time when im sitting at my computer thinking about how i dont have friends, i should call you. hah.
    i havent asked my brother about the sex yet. but im going to. in front of my parents. hahahaha.

  7. WOO WOO! i love me some scandal and ice cream. check. make that a frozen yogert. im on a diet.

  8. hehe i love u.

  9. hells yes

  10. woop i so saw you driving today. on my way home. thats all. <333.

  11. oh man…you rock my socks tiff!!i think im ganna call you thrift from now on cause of the spunky clothes you wear!! well i LOVE YOUOUUUUOOOU!!


  12. OH  i just got that the people are harry potter! thats neat. You are one cool babe. we should hang out sometime. like eisenburgs. except not go there. or we could and that would be weird. ❤

  13. well im still doing construction on that entry so your not lame! any way, the kid who doesnt shower could be tadeo.. i didnt know he didnt shower. andther kid like him doesnt shower often. his names starts with a g and ends with an errett. bit i didnt say anything.<3

  14. Mr Rice is amaaaazzing!!!and so are you missy!lovealwaysbrenna-

  15. we should hang.but not this weekend..cause you’ve got prom.luckkkyyy.

  16. tis i who is the straight edger of allen. dear lord.

  17. so many attractive girls have commented here, i sure hope i fit in.

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