“when you really look closely,
people are so strange and so complicated
that they’re actually beautiful.
     possibly even me.”

i’m so paranoid right now.

14 responses to “

  1. thanks babypsh who needs cloths?lovealwaysbrenna-

  2. are u going to prom w/ mike?! THE MIKE?! MIKE HANSHKIEIE?
    i love that kid…yall will have the best time ever

  3. i didnt read that but im sure it was awesome.
    these two cats are gonna fight
    : Harry :                         : Sirius :
    ❤ Troy

  4. : Hagrid :: Hagrid :: Hagrid :

  5. And you, my dear, are a wonderful specimenof this loveliness you speak of. You really are.And there are no “possiblies” about that thought.Be confident and make way along the paththat imperfections and complications havecreated for us. Walk the path of life and shareYour beauty with the world, and we’ll share ours.Enjoy.

  6. oh yes.refresh my memory…naked party?drug party?dancing party?
    love, agata

  7. heyy pretty girrlll.


  9. being paranoid is possible the worst feeling there is…EVER i don’t know what it is about that emotion but it tops every feeling there is.anyway…darlin you have a nice rest of the evenin’!

  10. hey baby. im sorry. we should hang, i see ur car on my street all the time and im depressed its not over at my house.

  11. prom is today! TODAY!! haha i’ll see you there gorgeous! ..and we WILL take a picture!! lol loooove

  12. no need to be paranoid loviei do it as welland its just ahrder to be worriedthen to just lay back and enjoy things

  13. and i was really happy to see you last night.=)

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