girl afraid, where do his intentions lay?
                              or does he have any?
she says: “he never really looks at me. i give him every oppurtunity in the room downstairs; he sat and stared”

i {adore} the smiths, and scott.
i painted a man in a gas mask.
a pile of crap > tiffany.

31 responses to “

  1. whos the ps for? hopefully not…

  2. That is pretty disgusting. 
    You are pretty hott.

  3. baby i love your ways.everyday.and it was realllllly nice seeing you last night.

  4. i love u .. u looked hottt tonight!! i hope u had fun baby

  5. hey cutie.did you have fun at prom??

  6. rawr.fiesty.

  7. i saw you at promprom too and it was exciting. yesyesyou looked toooo hott to touch and im glad that i made you feel that way. <3<3

  8. yea i knwo what you meango to my

  9. What are you doing here?I’m giving you my thoughts.Enjoy.

  10. and we’re all buying.

  11. i love ur page!!..major props =D

  12. You are very nice and pretty.hope you get better from your potential sicknessand I hope you have a marvelous day.
    p.s.-I hear you’re going to the Eisley concert as well!  wee!  Party in the Gypsy tea room with Eisley.  boy oh boy.

  13. your like… really pretty!

  14. Sweet i like sick haha these two are gonna fight
    : Hagrid :        : Quirrell :          
    im calling a david and goliath thing
    ❤ Troy

  15. dearest tiffany,i’m glad you had and okay time.we are going to hangout soon..for serious.<3spencer

  16. it’s quite possible.hah. you should be in bed, young lady.

  17. haha thankkks.yeah i think i’m going, from what i hear, it’s the place to be.<3

  18. drop it like its hot!

  19. heh. sleeping bags and painted nails.
    i’d like to see this gasmaskman. if he exists.
    : Malfoy :

  20. haha i noticed that latercute.
    love, agata

  21. yesterday would’ve been mine and my ex-boyfriend’s 10 month.yeah, it would’ve been if he wasn’t so preoccupied with her.

  22. I like your layout and music.  What is this song?  I want to know all the words.  It sorta sounds like the Shins.  I’m rambling about something I don’t know a thing about.You’re pretty and you seem indie, like me.  There aren’t many indie people in Bryant, Arkansas.Befriend me.<tarakcampbell3

  23. yeah i know.
    sweet eh?:
    love, agata

  24. heres the story you requested  Ehem
    After after prom spencer and i went to ihop and saw tons of people that we knew and this one stoner guy walked in and just kinda looked at every one there were like 16 of us and then as he was walking off we all laughed at him and were like wtf was that. then spencer and i got a booth and began to build these pirate ships that we bought at 7-11 and then we ate and eft and went to bethany lakes and almost caught some ducks but we didnt and we almost threw each other in the lake that would have been gross then we went to celebration and we found a scooter and rode it around alot then went to another park and took a nap together it was pretty awesome!!
    ❤ Troy

  25. ohhhhhhhhh
    i loveee this layout. alot.and your. stunning

  26. i really really liked that picture

  27. and i adore you aswell

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