tell me am i right to think that there could be nothing better?

some people say i look like karen o.

and then i went onto the rooftop
to see the sunset mary told me about
but all i could see was the treetops.

22 responses to “

  1. Mmm rawr.Thanks for the tasty music.Yah Yah.Enjoy.

  2. mm i am now.
    uh i dont think u look much like her.
    the hair might have a resemblence.
    have fun sex napkin.
    ❤ Jo

  3. Darn trees.Well. Trees are pretty too.Wait… trees? Were you looking towards the woods?Towards the… east?o_oI’ll presume no.You’re smart, right?

  4. your hair and lips far as coolness goes. YOU”RE NOT QUITE AS COOL.

  5. you kinda do but all asians look alike to me OHHHHHHH (racist joke) haha im jk but for real you kinda do and i want to see you disco i think that would be funny
    ❤ Troy

  6. i see it.
    but your hair is better.

  7. hmm, i suppose you do.

  8. Weeheeeeeee.Surreeee. You canPass off as that white girl.Yeah Yeah Yeah.Enjoy.

  9. you are gorgeous!<333
    &your site is soo awsomly spiffy! =]

  10. where were you today ?? 😦

  11. it’s the evil magician from my dreams.only joking, love. but i’ve never seen him before. does he go to allen.
    and rest assured. i am not that good morning, you’re probably awake though. being the insomniac that you are.
    : Malfoy :

  12. sweetnext time please please please ask me first?but thanks for the propslovealwaysbrenna-

  13. i like that friend told me to listen to it, when i griping about my ex-boyfriend. i was kind of offended.

  14. my, that is one adorable bf you have. and if you even lookthe slightest like karen o;;i am jealous times 2.tah, m/.

  15. then its the pelvic thrustenough to drive you insssannneee.

  16. i know scott.

  17. i found you right back.

  18. You’re prettier than Karen O.Ten points<tarakcampbell3

  19. Neat smilies. : Lucius :

  20. this is true how are u

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