ex-bestfriends was a reoccuring theme
i really enjoy spending time with agata

{we lied in so many words; we say that we’d take you down to the water’s edge and watch you drown.}

cool person of the show: cody mcgee, he saved my life a million times, when the crazy HARDxxCORE kids were moshing, gave me a drumstick, and made sure i didn’t get raped on the way to my car.

16 responses to “

  1. i saw you, and you looked wonderful.

  2. Hah, some friends, right?Of course they are…Hope you had fun today.Enjoy.

  3. i didnt want to gobut hey, i love youmaybe next timeand i promise i wont leave you.
    love, agata

  4. well what a darling young boy.

  5. i love you tiffany.
    you are a sweetheart,and we really need to hang out sometime.

  6. B-A-N-A-N-A-S
    i hate gwen stefaniwhat an ugly ass ho
    love, agata

  7. if i’d have gone..i’d be the cool person of the night.no doubt.i have all their c.d.s.<3333333333333333

  8. the answer is yes hahaand you were my cool person of the night
    love, agata

  9. I love you.Thanks for coming to the show.Seriously.See you on 5/20.michael.

  10. bum dum bum
     I almost have all of them now

  11. thanks baby i love you it was great. and those unnamed people we saw were retarded and that kid in the hat was hot.
    love, agata
    ps- do me, please.

  12. ps squared. i love how we know things about people we dont know haha

  13. hot damn ive commented 6 times on this entry
    love, agata

  14. i lov eyou, and i seriously dig your new background.

  15. dammit.it was cody that said that, wasnt it?that jackass…oh well.

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