i need {so badly}
       to be reassured.

i hate you so much, i hope you choke in your sleep. i will be the cause of death. i will be your nightmare, crawling into your dreams. drowning you in your own egotistical bullshit, i hope you burn. i hate you so much i hate you i hate you i hate you. fuckyou.
i need you like water in my lungs.

the truth about me: i find it impossible to hold anybody’s attention for longer than a week. the end

22 responses to “

  1. I currently have that hanging on my shrine.The oh so lovely shrine, if I may add.It brings me back to life.

  2. i love you to deathi hope that everything gets better for youi think that you can hold people’s attention for more than a weekbecause i thnk that you are just plain awesomedont you let ANYONE tell you differently

  3. I adore it too! But you more! And you have my attention FOREVER!!

  4. i like your site a lot.

  5. hey how was the concert?
    ❤ Troy

  6.  tiff where tje eff ahve u been
     i love you

  7. i love your xanga.
    i love you.

  8. when i think of tiffany i think of the hottest, coolest girl evaaahhhh : Hermione ! : and i’m not talking about hermione. you – you KAREN O look alike!! ahhhha;ldkjf;ajdfa;ljdfj <3333 flowerrrr =]

  9. say what?you’ve held my attention for like..a year. that’s a damn long time.

  10. psst hey tiffany,do me.
    love, agata

  11. So we ate dinner together today at Jasons Deli
    and it was pretty darn cool

  12. kgood im naked and waiting
    i mean…waht?
    love, agata

  13. haha thanks =)) you’re too kind

  14. all i ever need is reassurance.i hate like that, too.

  15. babyyyyy
    i have something for you
    love, agata

  16. i love your xanga, so much….your so creative.

  17. you dress cute. and uhhhh..yep. 😀

  18. i miss you dry hump baby doll. come back to me. ahhah

  19. baby, it’s not to you.feel better<3333

  20. dang your xanga, is wonderful.

  21. oh my goodness thank you so much. 🙂

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