attention, attention, please.
showcase friday at 7:00PM or
saturday at 1:00 or 7:00 PM,
at lowery auditorium, $7 to get in
please come see me, make my week.

dear ______,
i am infatuated with you, but i think you have already forgotten me.
you will probably never get around to reading this, ❤ tiffany.

16 responses to “

  1. Oh, I will be there. With flowers. Because I love you.

  2. Gonna Showcase.Gonna see you Showcase.I’ll be there.And square.<3Enjoy.

  3. what’s goin’ on there?

  4. hello.your xanga is pretty. and i like your taste in music.have a nice day.

  5. oh, i see you like the shins.. well anywayhope you dont mind the add?

  6. im coming saturday at 1!

  7. Aw I really wanna come!

  8. i should totally have my birthday party get together at the showcase shouldn’t i. it is the scene place to be.

  9. i love the polaroids

  10. yeah ill probably go, but youll go to the one in dallas while i go to the one is san an, so i wont see you.
    but we can tell each other how hot they were. that works too.

  11. Dear _______________ is so emo i like it.. it looks good on you
    <333 Troy

  12. Thanks! I like your profile pic too! Its cuuuute. You look like a retro rocker 🙂

  13. baby im leaving soon but i dont have any flowers i hope you forgive me cause im poor as hell. i still love you though
    love, agata
    ps- good luck hobag

  14. ill be there sorry about never commenting i just seem to do it alot with pretty much anyone dont take it personally see you tonight later

  15. im sorry i couldnt make it to showcase.
    much love my dear.

  16. aw thanks sugar.but i did catch myself in the act i was being meanand after i realized iti wanted to cryi mean.. these are my friends i was talking tobut i couldn’t crycuz they would just be like…. idki just couldn’t cuz it was my faultand i didnt want them to feel bad for me or anythingbut thanksi love u so muchtoday was funon the border **totilla lips**<3 katie

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