hasn’t life taught me at least one thing?
yes, nothing ever works out as planned.
there are somethings you just can’t fake
god i’m so fake happy right now, i hate that.

{i think my heart may explode.}
ps. i’m sorry, jared.

29 responses to “

  1. Oh my Oh my.Great Job Tiffany. It was a wonderful show.Love.Enjoy,

  2. dont worry, i’ll catch the pieces and put them back together.

  3. heh I know the feeling..

  4. a plus on showcase..you were amazing!
    i love you!

  5. im soooo sorry i couldnt make it to showcase.i feel so bad.lol.blame work and the damn people who didnt wanna sub for me.lol.hey.josh saw you at the movies on friday.he told me saterday.lol.well.i hope you can come to my party.next saterday.well.ttyl.lr8dayz<333 nico 🙂

  6. and who has planted the bomb?

  7. your heart will be okay.
    and we shall meet again. oh yes.

  8. the ripe old age of 16.
    haha. why do you ask?

  9. oh.he said he saw you b/c he said “oh look its the cute asian girl from nico’s party”.but oh well. uhm.im gonna be at spanish tomarrow.are you?.well.hope you had a fun weekend.my entry explains my weekend perfectly.well.ttyl.lr8dayz~nico~

  10. quick rush that woman to hospital haha i hope your heart explodes in a good way
    <333333 Troy

  11. That wouldn’t be pretty :-/

  12. uz  A GREAT DANCER

  13. hahahah yeah its the same songi love it baby
    love, agata

  14. You’re right.

  15. thank you mam

  16. love your xanga layout. polaroids ❤

  17. Im pretty freaking glad we have had some good talks the past couple of days. You are pretty freaking awesome!  love love love you 🙂 lol

  18. word. I can’t wait until school’s over.

  19. man do i ever know the feeling, after this week it will be over in no timeeeee<3you looked really cute today. well and every day.

  20. so oh my gawd. you were wonderful at showcase. i yelled, did you hear? i hope so. love.

  21. ohhh I cant wait
    you cant ignore me forever damn it

  22. if i get invited
    and i did
    and then i was gonna saturday but i fell asleep on the way and shit got fucked

  23. scratch that friday

  24. of course baby.i cant wait
    love, agata

  25. : Hermione ! :

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