some days, i could just pick up and run away
i don’t need an excuse for the way he treats me

i swear, i could

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  1. I wish I had masculine, pissed off,gay bands that I could love.Closest thing I got to that is HANSON.Mmm-Bop.You’ll have fun next year.<3Enjoy.

  2. and what bands are those?

  3. hey it was awsome. and any time. its from the academy is… cd. im in love with them. the end. see you today. <333.

  4. yeeeees.we shall combine forcesand find feminist, angry,lesbian celtic bands.bahaha!world<us

  5. : Hermione ! :

  6. what are you talking about .. i am a flipping artist duh. 
    haha oh you know, just playing.
    love love love.

  7. No, darn it.I don’t think I’m gonna be able toyou lucky bunny got the last tickets.It’s okay-I’ve seen them before.hope you have a most fabulous time with eisley in the gypsy tea roomthey are so nice when you meet themlovely evening to you, ma’am.  : )

  8. wahooo i loveu

  9. you know i do have resources.
    i might be there still.
    : Harry2 :
    HP=july sixteen.

  10. i think there’s only one IB class.. but i dont know

  11. Can our love for youFill the hollow he hasconceived in you with his hateand lack of love?Because, I really do love you.And thats only one drop of Venus,out of the many that feel the sameWay for you.
    ❤ Enjoy.

  12. you looked great at the banquet, congrats on your reward =)

  13. you looked super cute at the was funny thoughcongrats on your award man, it was funny cause when you walked across the stage my whole table saw your hawtie you.

  14. i don’t even know why i choose to say “it was funny though twice”anyway…yeah. im dumb

  15. i hated my saturday i hoped you had fun last night always, i love you sexually aswell

  16. haha……..thanks tiffany………..a bunch of people told me that yesterday too even my grandmother did
    peace John Matthew Wilder

  17. i’d runaway with you so you wouldn’t get lonely.

  18. we will do just that. and chase stacy girl down. and marry her. the both of us.
    oh yes.

  19. lol baby who DOESNT have that shirt?
    oh well at least its hot right?
    love, agata

  20. If that’s your uncle.then I’m your cousin!I knew all asians were part marionette.

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