SAT 4:00PM, coffee haus, plano
to see tory carpenter in all his cuteness
talk to me for information, i guess.

>>eisley was divine. i met stacy
, and i think i’m happier right now

i watched this movie called design and it all seemed like some shitty acid trip or something. it had such good imagery, but the storyline makes you want to kill yourself, lose all faith in mankind, and validated my thoughts that we are all so completely fucked and worthless. i hate watching movies about characters i hate.

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  1. Sounds like a movie for frivolous dreamers.And only they can kiss the surface of the sun.Oh dearest…<3Enjoy.

  2. psst hey tiffany lets camp out in front of the movie theatre
    im talking about harry potter of course.
    how much fun would that be??
    love, agata

  3. dumbledore?
    an option i never exploredbut i do think hes the best looking one.
    well second only to dobby.
    love, agata

  4. you, damnit! j to the k. laughing city soulmates. ❤

  5. luckkkkky.

  6. i definately agree that eisley was amazing. they also made me happy because all but weston signed my the catcher in the rye book. yesyes. you were very cutesy also and i liked it. =D

  7. yeah we caught a mouse the same day we got the turtles

  8. i hate that movie.i watched it with one of my friends and when it was done i was like…wow so who’s up for…nothing! i felt like shit.and i can’t believe you saw eisley in concert you hoe! haha just kidding that’s way cool!<3

  9. i love you miss tiff.

  10. i love you miss tiff.

  11. me too!I love surrealistic art ❤

  12. haha i remember the sexually thing… it was cute,Ooou that would sound good to go to good ol’ coffee haus.. but brittney doesnt like me and i think that would be weird for me to come to her place of employment.I do miss Tory too though.aww well.i think were going to see star wars like a lot that day.. you should totally come to one of the showings.

  13. hey cool chick from my phoenix class
    : Malfoy : is bad but : Harry : is good

  14. u know tiff…is it ok if i call u tiff?  i always pronounce it foe-ee-nix also…i think that means we are “extra special” special kids
    and on the whole scotty and me issue…. WIEERRDDDDD
    lol…thats the word that would describe that fiasco
    adios until tomorroww

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