i shout l0ve << new screenname

i love seeing people from the past, making new friends, getting closer, girly talk, learning things, realizing how fake people are, confusing kids and salvador dali.

an ode to
: (kristin, robyn, tory, tommy, agata, daphne, scott, brittney, and some asswipes)
* i wonder if salvador dali painted me, what would be sticking out of the drawers in my head.

24 responses to “

  1. I am whoring you with comments, Tiffany.Just like you demanded.

  2. you totally ditched me
    love, agata

  3. I guess this makes me whore number three.<3

  4. mmmm bright eyes…

  5. Oh goddamnit dearest.I did it again. I left without a trace.Sorry about that.<3

  6. i’m not emo either.

  7. hey im seeing them tuesday, bright eyes that is.

  8. Iagree with you.
    All of that is very nice..making new friends is exciting in a way.
    Seeing old friends is sad and happy all at the same time..for me..anyway.

  9. hah its ok i chickened out of the hair cutting anyways
    i love you
    and im glad im on the list.
    love, agata

  10. hah i painted a dali-ish picture yesterday with daphneit was great.
    love, agata

  11. ah we have some mutual friends. and i stop by here occasionally. nice place to look at. and i like how i get most of the music references. :]as for the fakers, there’s too many to worry about.i guess you could’ve come to that conclusion already.so i think what i’m saying is.. let them worry about what they really are themselves. i fully agree with the italicized items. also.[ ]

  12. probably some really sexy thongs and lacey bras. (the drawers in your head)

    OH DANG.

  13. need help in life? go to my xanga!
    ~secret helper

  14. alright i’ll try but my parents arn’t really letting me do anything….if you really wanna help pack that would be great thanksJohn Matthew Wilder


  16. pft if im crazy your….uhh zaney. *thats all i got*

  17. Lyke oh my gossshshhshshshs.COOTIES.

  18. My officer gift = pretty flipping awesome!  Haha i love you!!!

  19. ahaha, thanks ❤

  20. I am mentioned!Oh man, Friday was so much fun.We must have an asian sleepover + agata and robyn.YAY.i love you miss tiffany.

  21. aww well you’re quite the awesome one also!<33

  22. if you want to have sex i think you might want to go to a book for that one. or you could look it up on the internet, but make sure that its the right guy…
    ~secret helper

  23. ^^^ haha.
    love, agata

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