dang, xanga is dead mostly these days, everyone has switched to myspace. i am going back out with scott the hott, who’s up for ROUND TWO?

you can’t resist her
she’s in your bones
she’s your marrow
and your ride home

i want long hair again. another creation (click)

23 responses to “

  1. yay first to comment take that bitches! (kidding of course)

  2. I love short hair ❤

  3. i love your hair NOW. but yeah, long hair is pretty too. and that picture you made. give it to me!!!

  4. we should be late night buddies.

  5. bosom buddies.

  6. BOOBIE buddies.

  7. whoa thats really kewl 🙂

  8. hello mam umm…….i’m trying to get enough people to start a party on thursday i know you got that crazy orthodontics(<–spelling?!?!) but try to come oh yeah on wednesday i didn’t know but the movers pack up most of the stuff…….so if you still wanna come over you can help but it will mainly be all my stuff to pack like clothes valuables and keep sakes…….try to come thursday if all possiblepeace         John Matthew Wilder

  9. you have the most spectacular xanga i’ve ever seen.

  10. i like my hair short.

  11. i dunno if its out yet or not- im totally listening to it anyway right now though =3 hahah.

  12. i’m gonna try to go to main event on thursday see if you can comeJohn Matthew Wilder

  13. i’m growing my hairs out long.that’s right guys, i said it, hairs.but uhh your hair is pretty frickin cute.my foot’s asleep.love.

  14. I love it, especially the hair. And trust me, having long hair can be a drag sometimes.

  15. I like your current hair length and style.:)

  16. ummm… I get back next saturday?i think.We should plan our slumber party then.w00t.

  17. that would be awesome.but I’m not friends with any other asiansexcept you daphne michael..and my mom?ha. I’m dumb.

  18. : Dumbledore : haha : Dumbledore :yes : Dumbledore :i : Dumbledore :will: Dumbledore :do: Dumbledore : everything: Dumbledore : i: Dumbledore : can : Dumbledore :to : Dumbledore :go : Dumbledore :: Dumbledore :<3: Dumbledore :p.s. SUMMER 05 SEX MEAGAN AND TIFFANY F YEAH BIATCH!p.s.2. i lov Dumbledore: Dumbledore :

  19. In all my blind delirium,I never got to say how happy I am for youand sir Scott. But I am, I promise.Good luck.And, Sorry again.<3 Enjoy.

  20. hey cutie! we really do need to hang out soon! i can’t wait to see you sometime!

  21. lesbianniisssmmmmm ( . )( . ) i can’t believe you’re going back out with scott. that is cute. =] : Hagrid : *grunts*

  22. yes, myspace is quite in these days.

  23. its a super energy drink we sell it where i work.and yes it is next friday =)

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