__oh my goodness, it feels like i have been waiting since birth for this. i am really looking forward to everything, if you want to hang out please give me a call, i would love to.

i passed the semester for chemistry with an exact 70, sometimes that can be a bad thing, i am just glad it’s through. AND requiem for a dream is a great movie.

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  1. 60000000 gigantic panda’s made of solid gold.and if you can’t get exactly that then nothing=)

  2. lol. thanks love. ill see you around before i leave. <333.

  3. indiana w/ megs.

  4. I know the feeling.
    Summer is wonderful.

  5. oo oo i know i know! get andy the old gorillaz cd!!!

  6. summer seems to have come to soon, for me.

  7. thanks, i like yours too.

  8. yay call me: Hermione ! :

  9. indeed we do need to hang out sometime
    <333 Troy

  10. mmm…tegan and sara!
                  im a NON-stoner!

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