fake liar cheat was an okay book.
my goal is to read ten books
by the time summer is over,
just because i can, i guess.

i really want to go shopping
or catch a movie at the theatre
if anyone wants to do this with me
it’d be really nice to have company

EDIT>> mom (AKA bestfriend): “you can’t throw my underwear it’s too heavy and big, but yours is small and light.” …aand i’m craving really buttery crescents, anyone got some?

32 responses to “

  1. tiffany!you’re so babelicious.<3

  2. Yes! then its a date.

  3. that czech thing made me smile.

  4. oh my goshyou are so freaking pretty cant even get over it!yes i am doing better, kindaoh i love lesbian bands toothe same one in fact

  5. bikini kill = sex!i love them, and i love your style!where did you get your shirt? i love it!

  6. lesbian bands.
    le tigre?
    lesbians on ecstasy??
    muahah i love ’em too.

  7. you should cut my hair. i trust you with scissors..

  8. Ahhhhhhh tiffany we need to hang out sometime soon son

  9. hey baby you look hott domedomedomedomedomelove, agata

  10. You are very Tokyopop, and we should go shopping. With money that I will make at Chili’s!

  11. i like the profile picture.see you in tokyo.where a lot of asians live.
    : Hermione ! :

  12. girl there aint no sand in arkansasive been waiting all my life to be with you…i mean…what? who said that…….love, agata

  13. tokyo pop? i thought you were chinese! one of us is a fool. and it’s probably me.
    and thanks.

  14. ur so awesome i wanna give u a cookie lol
    i love u and ur so cute!
    lata baby!

  15. I’ll go! and you’ve got a car, so it’s easy.

  16. haha that’s mucho sleep. yay for summer.

  17. 10 books isn’t that hard depending on the books you choose

  18. that was a quick commentback… or recomment.. or.. comment.

  19. *gasp* who woulda thunk it.: Malfoy : <— sex.-Kimmy

  20. i want to catch a movie.
    lets do it.

  21. i have… really buttery bagels.which has nice alliteration.

  22. haha i love you.

  23. i’d love to have company, too.

  24. its not your fault that shit sucks
    well thanks 4 athing

  25. i’ve got hot cresents.. u just come see me

  26.  hey hot stuff.lets go shopping.that would be grand.next week.when carrie oh carrie has her license =)
    btw! i saw you, macy, and meagan driving on 75 on thursday. i know this is a good, almost week away from when it happened, but i was going to cheerleading. and i saw you and wanted in on the fun =)

  27. I hope to read lots of books too.Because its good to read books haha.Im so hard to please though.And about your moms underpants.Thats pretty funny.Haha love you!

  28. girrrrrrrrrl you must be tripping bigbut the only thing i can think of is you get YOUR SAND out of my vagina…………….love, agata

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