hey baby, can you bleed like me?

i need a job; help me get one
so i start summer school on the 7th
and i had to wake up at 7:00AM
i’m glad i had a reason to get up early

this is me, southpark vision! (c) mary& rayme

25 responses to “

  1. i know, i am very sorry about leaving. I will be back in 7 days so its okay.

  2. what’s a metric mood?and what are good cds?

  3. i neeeeeeed a job too.

  4. Too bad i’m not cool enough to listen to bands called metric.I still will listen to underøath and fearbefore even after this whole fad passes.

  5. hello tiffany this is eddy lee i knop  u remember me because we hav known each other since 5th grade and thats when everyone liked gel pens and also another cool thing is that we live lik 1 second away from each other so anyways its all good and by the way i lik your hair

  6. hm cds?i need some tooand a job as wellit appears that you and iare in the same rut

  7. work at a music store.a book shop.a cafe.

  8. yeah………that pen pal deal sounds like a good idea right now and its way better than damn text on a screen….i’ll try to send you one tiffany oh yeah by the way if your gonna get cds head for the jazz section oh my gosh i want a jazz cdpeace John Matthew Wilder

  9. work at barnes and noble.that’s what i’d LOVE to do.

  10. i wonder what id look like in south park vision?

  11. i remember one time we went to eat i think or something with susie and susie asked me what my favorite band was and i said underoath and both of you thought it was gross music or something like that.i’m glad you like it now.

  12. yeaaa you did… i saw you too!

  13. Haha! I like the shirt your southpark version self is wearing.

  14. i’m really glad we got to hanizzleseeyoutomorrowBrenna-

  15. why are you in summer school

  16. hahaha that’s sweet.
    oh no dude it’s fine it was slightly awkward.
    lil bit.
    you guys should come see me. i’ll be at the job from 2-10. 😀

  17. haha that really does look like you. oh man, thats tight.

  18. oh that makes sense. take government too. seriously. what are you doing tomarrow night?

  19. i’m sorry i haven’t responded to your comment by now, but alot’s been going on so i haven’t really thought to touch xanga.
    but hello, i’m lindsay and i assume that you’re tiffany.
    nice to meet you.

  20. hey i had a great time today

  21. i agree baby!

  22. I so saw you the other day.
    sorry I didn’t say hi, I’m kind of bad at the whole talking thing.

  23. working blows.
    i love making those southpark characters. too much fun.
    take care, love.

  24. hehe south parkoh man..by the way i love your background

  25. haha thanks for the drawing tiffany peace john matthew wilder

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