>> sometimes, i feel the urge to break out typing up a monologue, or speaking it. but then, there isn’t really anybody there that’ll read anything that long. or listen to you talk and talk on, with out interruptions. so, i keep it in.

do you ever feel that?

bright eyes is tomorrow.

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  1. AH!!! can we PLEASE go thrifting togeather next week!!??!

  2. you’re in my blogring and ive been to your site a couple timesi like it alot…its really nice
    and i like your smiley things.. haha : Hagrid :<3meg

  3. I don’t get to see bright eyes.buuu..well at least we’re still up for that slumber partAY.^_^

  4. bright eyes you lucky bitch i love you
    lvoe, agata

  5. i’d listen.[hugs]

  6. well we have a 52 minute drive ahead of us tomorrow.
    talk then 😉

  7. have fun at bright eyes.
    maybe we’ll have a class together next year, and we can do alot sign language-ing.
    that’d be sweet.

  8. Don’t you hate it when you have a conversation with someone, and the whole point of it is to wait for the other person to finish what they’re saying so it’s their turn to say something?What you wrote kind of reminded me of those conversations.–And that reminds me of the part in FightClub, when he says that it’s only when people are dying that they reallly listen to you.I wish that wasn’t so true.

  9. dear tiffany,you are really smart but you don’t seem to realize that there are a lot of people who would listen to you and really hear you. perhaps you are just asking the wrong people to understand or ignoring the ones who would. i’m sorry that there are obviously people who won’t hear what you say (seeing the comments you’ve received), but don’t forget to appreciate those that do.but i do understand. and i love you.

  10. :O

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