it was the best night of my life.

conor was five feet away from me
and i danced to the faint
and i had great company

“yours is the first face that i saw,
i think i was blind before i met you.”

15 responses to “

  1. cute apron! where’d you get it? bahGlad you had fun!Brenna-

  2. hey love. glad you had fun. <333.

  3. holy dang and today i was thinkingare tiffany and konrad gonna be together?
    lol love you baby call me this week and we can do it
    love, agata

  4. eee! violin![.:swoons:.]

  5. hey.come check out our page.we changed the look of it and have the BRAND NEW FOURTH SCORE SONG playing.all the info for the shows in June are up, too.let me know what you think.Michael

  6. Those are the infinite nights.
    I am dreading a meeting that I am being forced to go to with my parents and a pastor.

  7. I do believe I was there

  8. aww I bet BrightEyes & The Faint were amazing. <3<3and Conor was beautiful in everyway possible.I’m glad you and everyone else that went had a great time.oh man. but about my’s not that great. it’s only a part of my hair that I bleached. but now it’s turning all orange and weird. so I’m bleaching the whole thing in a few dayss and then dying it again. a whooooo.I love you. you asian you.<3alwayskristin.

  9. mmmm golden panda.sweet ass concert =3 too.

  10. shittttt you’re like the billionth person to ask me thattt.more like fourth or third.BUTis it because of the guy who covered his face like me?maybe i did have her and she got married or something.

  11. i really like how beautiful your face is. <333

  12. haha tommy griffin!! omg i remember that kid.
    oh yeah. he was a jerk. damn didnt we all hate middle school?

  13. hmm i think we were dumb and talking about two different tommies.
    i did ddate tommy griffin. but my best friend later dated bishline. i hated him. absolutely hated him. he treated her like shit.i used to bitch him out EVERY time i saw him.

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