i think i will have some huge psychological outburst one of these days, and wipe out an entire nation.

{i keep on talking trash
but i never say anything}

i feel
doing a
at once              
have you felt that?
                    like the earth is shattering
                              beneath our feet. fast.
                            let’s start a revolution.

17 responses to “

  1. allen is really not that badi think that all we need is a break sometimesto appreciate things like how good we have it
    love, agata

  2. i think i might have to join you on the outburst.i freaked out at my family today.probably due to the lameasses that live here causing drama and talking shit.no worries, tiff.i love you.

  3. Yay for no more braces! Braces suck. *dance dance*

  4. hah yeah!! i dont know who you are bc youve no picture. but you looked like a fun little party animal hahah
    wellmeet again

  5. new york is beautifuli cant wait
    love, agata

  6. yay for u one week!, i cnat wait to see and the song is grand theft autum

  7. oh, i was totally planning on it…you guys are like, the best.

  8. I’m so happy you’re finally getting your braces off. You will looooovvvvee it. Come see me at Chili’s..soon!

  9. no i never went out with bishline. lol. youre mistaken

  10. i got my braces off the day before school ended. lemme tell ya…its awesome.

  11. near waters crossing off stacy =)

  12. : Dumbledore : at least you have this guy to talk to.
    i believe his name is dumbledore. which just makes him 29 times coolers.

  13. 1.) i gotta see u with ur braces off
    2.) yeah we do have to hang out

    tiff face.: Hagrid :

  14. yea i agree–its been a really long time since I’ve seen you. That’s cool you got to see Bright Eyes..i know how much you love conor (zp?). Oh, and you’re really really gonna be weirded out when you first get your braces off. I kept doing this Mr. Ed -ish thing with my lips. curling them under my teeth over and over again. I didn’t even realize i was doing it either. whoa…this is getting to be a long comment. well, i’ll call you or something?

  15. Of course,Our dirty feet are taintingthe crystal surface of thisglass world.Enjoy.

  16. The earth may be shattering beneath you, but friends help you find the next steady patch to plant your feet.

  17. im glad i got to see you tonite. it was crunk . later tiff.

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