jobeth and i went on an espcapade to dallas
arts festival was okay, it’s just an excuse to go.

>>thanks jobeth for letting me experiment
with your camera, much appreciated

i’ve always wished i were a photographer.
but it seems like i’m turning into quite the hair stylist, i have cut and styled three peoples hairs in one day. ohhhyeah, who’s next?

12 responses to “

  1. i like the powerline picture, good job.

  2. awh man trip to dallas, lucky. actually the only reason i like it there is ahab bowen haha. hmm yes, well according to my calucalations fossils gonna have to sure me maaaannnyyy times after the summers over haha

  3. you’re a good hair stylist. And you speak English. It’s a good combination.
    I hate having people who don’t speak my god damn language doing my hair haha
    i love you baby

  4. oh baby i love you so

  5. IM NEXT and theres no one i love like you baby
    cant wait for asian sleepover 2k5

  6. hahaha ahh driving around with tiffany, is there anything more dangerous fun? i can’t wait!<3daphne.

  7. true that.
    we will hang out soon.
    and you’ve come a long way since photography freshmen joke.

  8. hey will you cut my hair…if you promise you can cut it good. because i need a haircut but i have no money and my parents are lazy and wont take me anywhere…so come on…COME ON…

  9. “i’m so happy that your so happy for me”*hah ima robot*>.>

  10. ,.~!*° °*!~.,,.~!*° °*!~.,,.~!*° °*!~.,,.~!*° °*!~.,Wait, which one of you was the photographer?!:) This is Hannah by the way, one of the blackgirls you met in Dallas at the Arts thing.Talk to you later! Stay with Jesus.,.~!*°hannah,.~!*° °*!~.,,.~!*° °*!~.,,.~!*° °*!~.,,.~!*° °*!~.,

  11. yeah. dallas. i love you.
    haha i laugh at the comment above.
    thanks for cutting my hair.
    ❤ Jobie wanna kanobie

  12. tiffany im sorry i dont write or call, i miss you.

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