we’re just ordinary people

TIDE—>  nevermind;;

i                         am                           sure
[i              have
made                                            up
                 my         mind]

{it’s astounding,
time is fleeting
takes it’s toll}

so, xanga is being a transvestite

23 responses to “

  1. Xanga is being a bitch latey.

  2. Stupid xanga. let’s all bitch about it.
    and i’m finished..
    I like the Gene Simmons comments for my kitty.
    I love you.


  4. I am really just using my other one and not telling other people about it…so I am still on xanga, just not wallflower anymore… 

  5. eh it was the only thing i could think of to describe. what i felt like.

  6. i agree.. stupid xanga!

  7. heh.i guess i am gay.oh well.you had your chance to go out w/ me when i was “bi”.lol.i <33 youbyee nico

  8. eee. okay so then I thought you were really awesome for having rocky horror on your xanga post. because that is my favorite movie. <33
    xoxo, roni lu

    but you are my favorite queer
    love, agata

  10. tiffanytiffanytiffany.is OMGtotallyAWESOME, like woah.muchlove.peaceout.

  11. she’s alive!she almost died. she was on crutches a few days before.

  12. i love you tiffany.
    and I AM NOT DEAD. tehehe
    lets hang out.k?

  13. ahhh xanga drama!!!! how i love it so.but not as much as i love the Degrassi Drama.100% intense.

  14. i got my car back.
    weee. now lets go thrifting.
    call me love — 972-742-5098 ❤

  15. fantastic!

  16. hello my favorite strangeri hope you are having a fantastic summeryou are just gorgeousand i love you

  17. worn me down to my kneesi did everything to pleasebut you can’t stop thinking about her
    TO to the MORROW. <33 sex me, yes? kthx bye

  18. im sorry. i love you.

  19. hey, my bestfriend is a transvestite.
    bite your tounge.

  20. your awesome. and gorgeous.
    jobeth said to let you cut my hair?
    want to? i’ll pay you.

  21. blah blah.
    yeah. i despise that show.it was nice seeing you the other night. even though we didn’t really do anything at all.
    talk to you later tiff.
    : Mcgonagall :

  22. oh man, thanks for hanging tonightwonderful wonderful.

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