some truths and one lie

i am a really opinionated person.
i am a liberal person
i cannot stand republicans
i cannot stand ignorance
i am an artist of sorts
i am not a ‘bad girl’
i believe that sex sells
i do not like violence; i’m a pacifist
i cannot kill a bug
i have never been in love
i am very unreligious
i like to dance around everywhere
i love being around friends
i enjoy good music and movies
i love fashion, hair and faces
i have a huge ego
i am too self involved at times     


17 responses to “

  1. *gasp* its a real entry… *steps back slowly*

  2. new season of degrassi starts next friday!!just lettin’ ye know.

  3. Jobeth is your only friend?!my ass!I hang out with you as well. :]

  4. im single too. i dont like it too much. hmph.

  5. p.s. HURRY and call me before i start my job next week! we need to thrift!!! ❤

  6. tear, i love you.

  7. well mam i wish i could do the same……god fucked me over what can i say

  8. today was fun. you rock. i rock. we rock.
    “I don’t look scene or anything do I?”

  9. oh thnx for the comment, your site is la la lovely<3

  10. wowza. i haven’t been grounded since.. early elementary school? know what?i wish i owned a polaroid camera.and i hope you can still venture to the dma conmigo.and i hope to photograph you this week.

  11. the lie = “i am not a bad girl.”
    oh yeah. you dirty little slut.
    bahaha oh i’m just kidding (at first i typed in ‘kissing’)

  12. Unreligious?Maybe I overanalyzed everything.Sorry.Enjoy.

  13. i can kill so many bugs : Dumbledore : : Dumbledore : : Dumbledore :
    so many

  14. having a huge ego.

  15. well, y ou should talk to me. i told kathleen to tell you to talk to me.
    i love you
    ASIAN PARTY…AGAIN because i wasnt in on the last one

  16. im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrry!its my fault

  17. i dont hate republicansjust bush

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