see? look what it can do:

this would be my face


21 responses to “


  2. her space holiday!your xanga is cute. Mere

  3. uugh cuuuuuuute lol
    hope your summer is goin good

  4. GOOOOOSSSSHHHHH doesnt it SUCK!?!?!? my mom takes my keys so0o0 much! im like wtf!??!?!?!

  5. what happened to ur keys lil misssy

  6. hey! what’s up?see you on the 9th?25 bands, 2 stages. oh wow.michael

  7. how’d that happen?

  8. oh man i was just thinkin’ yesterday that i really needed a good head chopping! call me when you have time to do so- =)

  9. my motto
    “HUG A TREE.”

  10. yaaaay for cameraaaa!

  11. tiff you look absolutely gorgeous. i miss you! whered u get your cam at? im getting one soon…i think. haha. we need to go thrifting. yeeaaa. did u get your keys back?

  12. thats really a effin hot pic!<3

  13. and im loooving your face.

  14. The pictures oooookk, but did you use photoshop?
    for the sky and what not?

  15. I saw you yesterday, baby.
    Your teeth are beautimous!
    As are you.

  16. aaaah you are so gorgeous in that picture!yay i am excited for youbecause you’ve wanted one for soooo long.

  17. don’t know you but i love the pictures all over your xanga. they’re awesome. props to them. they’re very good.
    ❤ sara

  18. Hi. just dropping by. your new camera took a striking picture of you :]

  19. oh they’re really good i love it!
    ❤ sara

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