i have this dream

to be beautiful, someday.

(not in the vain way most would interpret this)

i got thirteen kisses last night :))


13 responses to “

  1. maybe he was!
    poor thing don’t mention it to him.

  2. thank you baby.you’re beautiful.i miss you.

  3. wonderful.
    p.s. are you myspace.com/thetreetops ?

  4. TIFfaNy TsO i lOVeR YOu!##$#$Q%*&@#)(&$^)&@*$#%!!!!

  5. OOOOOOHHHH baby I love your ways<3 ❤ ❤

  6. i’m pretty sure you’ll accomplish it.but who am i to say so?

  7. yes, i went to the eisley show.and yes, i was injured by their van.but it was completely worth itbecause i got to mingle with those fools afterwards.2 months and 23 days…but, who’s counting.. right?

  8. I like that dream
    but I’m sure you’re already a beautiful person.


  10. i think your BEAUTIFUL ❤ and i think we should go thrifting…what do u think???
    btw. lucky you!!! i havent been kissed in…too long lol

  11. I love kisses.

  12. yes ma’am im home 🙂 i havent seen you in forever..we need to get together. i got u a shirt that reminded me of you 🙂 teresa

  13. man tiff u a pimpette.

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