this morning, it rained. it was that kind of subtle, quiet rain, where you don’t even realize it until your hair begins to get wet. so, did you know one of the best times to reflect is during the rain? it’s scientifically proven, i’m sure.


{you are what you eat.
i am a delicious salad.
you are what you read.
i am the andy warhol.
you are what you see.
i am your deepest secrets.}


10 responses to “

  1. thank you.i love your entries, they’re so creative.but yeah i was really upset this morning and i felt like running away sooo badly but yeah i gave myself a reality check. sorry i never texted you back, love.but i’m gonna be seeing you tonight, right? (el andy-o)

  2. ARE YOU DOING IB CALC?!omgzzzzz same class again?i love you, tiffany diane.

  3. hey its shawn im in japan right now it sucks because im very sick and ive been getting dizzy all the time…anyways write something back…what was your phone # again?

  4. you tso exist.

  5. : Sirius :ow owwwwunfriendly and unsociable?? : Lucius : i think we should hang out and dance when you are friendly and sociable again. : Hermione ! :

  6. i love rain. my new ceiling fan sounds like rain. so i always wake up in the middle of the night and am like: “yes, it’s raining!”
    talk to you later.

    it was the snoop d-o-double-g.

  8. hey tiffany how r u i havent been able to get on line cuz my computer was broken but now its all good so we can talk again

  9. you need to cut my hair again please

  10. wow well, i do have to say i love your xanga.
    (yes, another one of those comments, but you know..)
    but yeah, since you don’t really know me
    and uh..i don’t really know you. i don’t have anything else to really say.
    so peace and have a great day.
    (notice that rhymed).

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