i love her to the skies

so, i hope i didn’t ruin her birthday too much
i get this feeling lately, that i am a log
i am a log, a log, a log, and i am weighing
everything that could be enjoyable down.


7 responses to “

  1. you’re definately not a log.

  2. your too tiny to be a log love.

  3. whoaa i love your xanga it’s like bam ahh cool.
    anyway i found it on your myspace.
    which i found on some guys myspace.
    which on i found on my friends list.
    intresting huh?!
    haha.. <333tara

  4. hey well yeah i forgot to tell you that i was goin to be movin backill be there in one weekso yeah be ready to throw it up pretty hardcore when i get thereokwell ill talk to you latatomtom

  5. those fools. let’s bury all those who haven’t read the books with… the books.
    see you at school, tiffany tso. or maybe sooner.

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